Dive watches look great and are very functional, but how many of them are actually used for diving? Probably very few, especially since digital diving computers have largely replaced mechanical watches for most divers. Diving watches need a rebrand, and that’s exactly what Breitling has done with its massive new Superocean collection. The Breitling Superocean watch builds on the signature design of the SuperOcean Slow Motion watch from the 60s and 70s, but now with modern features and an array of colors. And Breitling makes it clear how this watch should be used: it’s not just for diving. Think of it as a versatile, beach-friendly watch, suitable for swimming, surfing and, of course, wearing on dry land. You don’t need a diving license to appreciate this watch.

The Breitling Superocean collection traces back to the original SuperOcean, which was developed in the 1960s as an instrument for the new sport of scuba diving. It was a unique watch because it focused entirely on its mission: Breitling designers removed traditional watch features, such as small indexes and even a second hand, that wouldn’t help divers underwater. They had a high contrast minute track; large indexes for good readability; and used a minute chronograph that slowly moved around the dial, making a complete revolution every hour. This earned him the nickname “Slow Motion”.

The new Breitling Superocean builds on similar aesthetic cues and combines them with contemporary features geared towards everyday wear. First, there is a lot of variety. The watch is available in four case sizes (46, 44, 42 and 36 mm) and in three different case materials: steel, steel-gold and bronze. The 42mm and 44mm bronze models use a special alloy that is resistant to corrosion (a key feature of anything designed to interact with salt water), but nevertheless, the longer you wear them, the less they develop a patina – a favorite aspect of the bronze clock.

You can also choose from a wide range of dial colors including blue, black, dark green and orange. All models in the new collection have contrasting minute scales on the dials, just like the original Slow Motion watches, while the indexes and hands are coated with Super-LumiNova for excellent visibility. The minute hand has a distinctive square shape, while the second hand has a small circle, a reference to the round chronograph status window on the original SuperOcean watch.

Breitling Superocean watch in various colors

Most new watches have a unidirectional bezel, but the 46mm models have a bidirectional lockable bezel, a unique feature that most divers don’t have. Finally, the watch comes paired with an adjustable rubber strap or an adjustable three-row metal bracelet, allowing you to style for dressy occasions or opt for a more sporty look when you head to the beach. Breitling Superocean watches with their variety of colors, case sizes and metal cases will find something for every watch and water sports lover.

Breitling Superocean watch

Breitling is serious about going beyond the world of scuba diving. To this end, the brand offers a special series of Superocean watches, designed in collaboration with professional surfer Kelly Slater. Limited to just 1,000 pieces, it features the boldest color scheme of all: a bright orange dial paired with a black bezel and a dark green rubber strap. According to Slater, the color scheme is inspired by the bright orange watch his father wore while surfing.

No matter which Breitling Superocean model you choose, you will get a reliable and high performance watch. Each one is water-resistant to 300 meters, and they’re built to withstand impact, sand, and salt water, so you don’t have to worry about them failing a long day in the ocean. They are powered by a Breitling Caliber 17 automatic movement with a two-year warranty and a 38-hour power reserve for precise timekeeping.

Ready to set sail? Just like this watch. Prices start at $4,600 at breitling.com.

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